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1/3 ancient fullset - Qingluodai

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Main fabric: silk hand-embroidered neckline, embroidered belt, tencel cotton, lilac crepe, xiangru crepe, imitation satin acetate, etc.


1/3 youth/Twenty-four solar terms - mango




Foot ring* 2
Underwear* 1
Tube top* 1
pants* 1
Outerwear* 1
skirt* 1
A total of 7 pieces/set

Match Size

AS58, 62 body can be worn; other brand dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn.


Born of Zecao, the species of awn.
When the mango is planted, everyone should send it back to the flower god, and then usher in summer. The meaning of awn seed, the source and the season of golden wheat awn and green late rice planting, represent abundant and vigorous hope. In my initial imagination, she is a girl with agility and divinity.
In the choice of clothes, I mainly used yellow and green, with the four seasons flowers blooming on the collar, and the golden lotus pendant hanging on the waist, and because she is the first hope, from the fields, mountains and rivers, she It must be full of agility like a deer in the forest, and the clothes should not be made too heavy. After comparing more than a dozen kinds of fabrics, I chose a light and pearly fabric to make skirts and sleeves for her. When passing through the forest and the fields, it is as light as the flowing wind.
She possesses divinity because of people's sacrifices and prayers. She chooses the style of a godly girl on the makeup, and draws patterns on the end of her eyes and cheeks to enhance her divinity and sense of witchcraft. It is integrated with the eyeballs, like crystal clear, when she looks at you, you will be surprised at the purity of her eyes, which are like a pair of eyes like mountains, forests and lakes.
In terms of hairstyle, after the design was made, two versions were made in black and white. Thank you AS for respecting my opinion and using the white version, because after the color test, I felt that white is more divine and sexy, and I chose a girly style for the hairstyle, which matched with yellow-green. The flower clusters and jade beads of her show her ignorant side of a young girl. ——The description comes from Fuge Ruoshui Brocade WorkshopDue to the laser cutting on the shoulders of the clothes, with the accumulation of time, it is unavoidable that the edges will be scattered and burrs will appear. Please be aware
Please be as gentle as possible when taking items out of the bag to avoid damage caused by some human factors.
This product is not used by real people and is only limited to bjd dolls.

Inner clothes
Size shoulder width chest circumference waistline clothes length
AS58, 60, 62 body 15.5cm 24.5cm 19cm 13cm
Tube top
Size chest circumference waistline
AS58, 60, 62 body 21-26cm 16-18cm
Outer coat
Size shoulder width chest circumference waistline clothes length
AS58, 60, 62 body 10.5cm 24.5cm 19cm 13cm
Size waistline hip circumference Leg circumference foot mouth
AS58, 60, 62 body 17cm 30cm 21cm 3.5cm
Size waistline skirt length
AS58, 60, 62 body 18cm 47cm

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